Let's Dance! while gaining a Certificate I, II, III or IV in Dance!

Learn, have fun and DANCE with your own dance school and ADi!

  • Would you like to continue to study dance while attaining a nationally recognised qualification within your dance school? 
  • Do you like learning about dance?   Learn not only how to dance but all about its history, body science and more!
  • Do you like to perform, improvise or choreograph?   Learn how to dance with style, express yourself through movement, create dance and more...

Learn about dance history, how the body works, and nutrition as well as studying a practical art form and its technique at high levels - classical, jazz, tap and contemporary.

You will learn complementary skills and knowledge about:

  • Safe Dance - protect your body
  • Nutrition - eat well and avoid eating disorders
  • Technical Skills - recognising your syllabus
  • Solo Performance - be a star!
  • Creative Tasks - using your imagination
  • Group Tasks - cooperating with others
  • Musical Knowledge - rhythms
  • Dance History - know the origins of steps and styles
  • Body Science - anatomy
  • Dance Terms & Vocabulary - like barrel jump
  • Body Awareness - awareness of space
  • Stage Directions & Terms - Upstage, downstage, centre stage!
  • Performance Skills  -facial expression, poise & style!
  • Other career paths in performing arts
  • Dance as a professional performer.....

ADi recognises dance society syllabuses technical certificates
Technical assessments are held via the dance society syllabuses.  These syllabuses are mapped to the technical competency within the nationally recognised "Creative and Culture" Training Package. If you learn from an ADi recognised dance society (contact ADi) your results are recognised via RPL.  You may need extra gap training depending on the syllabus. For a school in your area, contact us!

ADi Career Options for Dancers

Do you aspire to be a professional in the dance industry ?

ADi recognises that many students may aspire to be professional dancers. ADi through formal education provides greater opportunities for dancers  to pursue their love of dance via expanded career paths in the performing arts industry.

There are many career options available for dancers - teaching, running your own dance school, assessing, choreographing, artist and company management, dance therapy... the list goes on!  ADi provides vocational certificates in dance via education through nationally recognised qualifications. 

This concept also provides a "safety-net" for the young dancer in the event that their dance career is cut short. paticularly those who have left school to dedicate themselves to dance, before attaining their school certificates.

Interested in teaching?

CUA30313 Certificate III in Assistant Dance Teaching

ADi's Certificate III in Assistant Dance Teaching is a stepping stone to gaining an ADi CUA30313 Certificate IV in Dance Teaching and Management and other higher level qualifications in training.

CUA40313 Certificate IV in Dance Teaching and Management

A benchmark standard for dance teachers

Trained dancers (to elementary standard-any dance style) may enrol in ADi's Certificate IV in Dance Teaching and Management.  ADi has developed a flexible and cost effective academic course that will provide you with a vocational qualification and equip you with real skills. It sets a standard of excellence that prepares you to know how to teach, what to teach and how to establish yourself as a professional and commercially successful small business owner. ADi's Cert IV in Dance Teaching and Management will assist you in becoming a confident, responsible and professional dance teacher. This accessible dance teaching qualification reaps many benefits including flexible 'on the job' training and distance learning.

Become a recognised professional dance teacher! 

Contact us to discuss your best options.