Are you a private or public secondary school Teacher/Principal?

With vocation training becoming part of the regular school curriculum (depending on State governments), an exciting opportunity is potentially open to schools to have ADi deliver vocational qualifications to your students. Keep ahead of the curve! Watch this space for more news and information or contact ADi head office directly.

The ADi Certification System is a quality assurance process incorporating accredited Australian government dance teaching qualifications and training standards which are specifically contextualised by ADi to dance style and student ages/abilities. In adddition, the certification process mandates continuous improvement in all aspects of the teaching environment from teacher qualifications, syllabus content to dance school premises including:

  • Annual Assessments conducted by Assessors
  • Periodic professional development for the dance teacher.
  • Periodic review and endorsement of syllabus used by teachers.
  • Periodic review and compliance/safedance monitoring of dance school premises and operations.
  • Periodic review and professional development of teachers and assessors (examiners).

Contact us to discuss your best options or if you would like us to contact you please fill out the school enquiry form.