Teacher Training Courses

CUA30311 Certificate III in Assistant Dance Teaching

Interested in teaching?

ADi's new Certificate III in Assistant Dance Teaching is a stepping stone to becoming a qualified and ADi Certified dance teacher. Gain a ntionally recognised qualification providing pathways to higher level vocational qualifications and University.

CUA40313 Certificate IV in Dance Teaching and Management


In light of National Dance Standards, dance teachers are now required to demonstrate learning and skille commensurate with the level of dance to be taught. ADi's CUA40313 Certificate IV in Dance Teaching and Management targets these skills and is more than just a teacher training course!

ADi has developed a flexible and cost effective course that will provide you with a nationally recognised vocational qualification and equip you with real skills. ADi's CUA40313 Certificate IV in Dance Teaching and Management sets a standard of excellence that prepares you to know how to teach, what to teach and how to establish yourself as a professional and commercially successful small business owner as well as a confident, responsible and professional dance teacher. This accessible dance teaching qualification gives you flexible 'on the job' training and learning in your own rhythm!

TAE10 Qualifications Training and Assessment Qualifications

Would you like gain full VET system Qualifications and gain dance related competencies while you work?

These are mandatory qualifications for those wisshing to train and assess in delvery of any qualification. ADi is currently reviewing reccomended third part providers for Training and Assessment standards, under release process by Government in 2017, as independantly deliverable qualifications and skill sets:

CUA 40116 Certificate IV in TAE

 Contact us to discuss the best pathways tailored to your interests, dance style and career directions. There are many options which will fit your financial and time budgets.