Get a vocational certificate while still at school!

Through an ADi Student VET Course you can now continue your society syllabus examinaions in Classical, Jazz, Tap or Contemporary without leaving  school. Credit points may also count towards your school certificate and OP, subject to specific state education Depts rules and specific negotiated agreement between you dance school and yout high school. Contact ADi for further information since this facility is subject to change by government edict from year-to-year.

How does it work?

  • Have support from your family, dance teacher and high school principal/arts training or career officer
  • Be a Classical, Jazz, Tap or Contemporary student with an ADi teacher or via Mapping/RPL of ADi recognised society syllabusses  (Contact ADi for a teacher in your area!)
  • Together with your dance teacher and parents, approach your school principal asking to do ADi's VET In Schools programme. You may need to speak to your VET career advisor/ coordinator.
  • Notify ADi head office with the names of your principal, Dance School and VET career advisor/ coordinator.
  • If all information meets government guidelines (diifers in each state!) and there are enough students to make up a class, an application can be made to the State based Boards of Studies.
  • Wait for confirmation (Note: ADi advises you have other subjects chosen in the event your application is declined)

ADi CUA13 Certificates I-IV in Dance


  • CUA10113 Certificate I in Dance
  • CUA20113 Certificate II in Dance
  • CUA30113 Certificate III in Dance
  • CUA40113 Certificate IV in Dance

For the above dance qualifications there is a pre-requisite of Certificate II technical competence for enrolment into Certificate III in Dance and similarly a Certificate III technical competence to enrol in Certificate IV in Dance.  ADi requires all students to be able to provide and/or demonstrate their competence at a technical level suitable to a given dance type and level for Certificates III and IV.   ADi strongly recommends the pedagogic progressions used by dance societies as prerequisites to attaining technical competencies. They are the best introduction to be ready for assessments since they are based on physical ability at each age level. Recognision of Prior Learning (RPL)* is available - fees apply.

Gap Training

What is it?

Did you know that if you have done technical training/examinations in Classical, Jazz, Tap or Contemporary with an ADi rcognised society, you are almost halfway to getting a nationally-recognised Certificate in Dance? ADi Gap Training 'builds the bridge' to vocational qualifications in Dance. The training includes workbooks in Dance History, Body Science, Musical Rhythms and other academic subjects you need to know to achieve Certificates in Dance. Contact ADi Head Office for further info and any questions you may have.

*Recognised Prior Learning RPL

What is it?

Recognition Prior Learning (RPL) allows your work, life and learning experiences to count towards a VET Certificate. This means that the skills and knowledge you already have may count towards a nationally recognised qualification or statement of attainment.

ADi recognises previous training and may be able to recognise certain skills (at ADi equivalent levels) to count towards VET qualifications. If you have learnt at other dance schools and syllabus, your knowledge and skills may be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. You will need to give ADi evidence (via an RPL application that is current, valid and authentic.

ADi is progressively "mapping" technical results from popular dance societies to erquivalent VET competencies. Mapping is conducted based on demand. Contact ADI to see whether your level and syllabus has already been "mapped" , [a unique proprietary process],  for RPL. Quite often a mapped syllabus will only need a few "gap" academic training exercises to bridge your skills into alignment for the vocational technical (dance) competency.

On invitation, you may submit  results to ADi  from dance examinations that we can recognise to towards your VET certificate.

Contact ADi for more information.