Australian Dance institute (ADi)


Post: P.O. Box 6155, Pymble NSW 2073

Phone: +61 (0)2 9440 9886

  • ADi is not a dance society. We are open to all forms of prior experience and society syllabi learnt or used.
  • ADi  has a focus on young dancers with intent of complementing career opportunities via VET and to provide extended job awareness and career "safety nets" for dance students of all genres, particulrly in rural and regional Australia.
  • As a Registered Training organisation specialising in dance education, we are geared to providing the best fit solution for every enquiry. When you connect with us electronically or phone you are always dealing with an administrator, not a salesperson trying to sell syllabus or meet a sales quota

    We very much appreciate your interest in ADi and would like to know as much as you can provide in this enquiry: yourself as a candidate, your child, your potential student as a dance teacher. VET Trainer/Assessor interest also welcomeas a trainnee or qualified provider.

We have set up separate forms for each of these, so that we can be prepared to better advise on your opportunites and best options

  • Teacher or school wanting info on our student courses:- complete this form.
  • Parent/Guardian wanting info on either student certificates or future career qualifications:- complete  this form.
  • Student of any age wantng info on course options and career alternatives:- use this form.
  • Experienced or Beginner Assessor: Interst welcome:- complete this form.