ADi Certification (auspiced third party) for Schools

[Due to widespread misuse of the flexibility originally provided by the AQF to engage third part providers, with subsequent crack-down on transgressors by the regulator, ADi has decided to withdraw this priveledge for the moment, and offers the referral school engagment as a low cost option to all dance schools/teachers]. 

Note the prerequisite to becoming an ADi School (auspiced third party is to be already be, or employ,  ADi Teachers [with minimum qualifications set by ASQA/ADi]. Becoming an ADi School (auspiced third party) means passing some additional criteria including premises inspection, operational integrity, risk management, financial viability etc and a fit and proper persons check within the auspicing agreement. Eligible schools include private dance schools and studios, secondary schools and primary schools. Applications for certification (via a third party agreement) can be made one year after the respective teacher agrees to have a Certificate IV in Dance Teaching & Management completed. ADi requires that candidate schools apply to be (auspiced third party) before enrolling students in VET Certificates. Below is a list of requirements the School Principal/ Director must satisfy to become auspiced and receive an ADi School status. There are many alternatives and levels of ADi Certification. The top level comprises relevant Teaching, Dance and Business Skills attained by completing an ADi pathway of choice. The top level is set out below. Contact the office for further levels and pathways such as RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning).

  • Certificate IV in Dance Teaching & Management (Business Modules pre-requisite).
  • Certificate IV in Training & Assessment (TAE).
  • Certificate IV in learning Literacy and Numeracy (LLN)
  • Current first aid certificate recognised by the Australian Resuscitation Council.
  • Annual attendance of practical workshop.
  • Evidence of 400 hours teaching.
  • Verification of students' last assessment results - assessments must be held annually.
  • Current membership of an ADi approved dance society.
  • Code of Practice Manual.
  • Occupational Health & Safety prerequisites.
  • Compliance and Safe dance venue annual check.
  • Maintain comprehensive and auditable student records of attendance and assignments.
  • Undertake initial site assessment and audit (evidence) of requirements.
  • Comply with ASQA standards in all respects including media content (advertising)
  • Pay initial and annual ADi certification fees.
  • Agree to and complete all certification documentation.