ADi is the new 2020 "go to" education organisation for dance students and teachers in Australia.
We were Australia's first fully recognised private Registered Training Organisation (NVR RTO 91600), specialising in dance for young trainees. We provide nationally accredited courses and  resources for student dance training and teacher professional development, now embodied in national standards. From the outset, in 1998, ADi has focussed on young dancers with the intent of enhancing performing arts education/career opportunities. This is offered via VET-in-Schools and VET-in-Studios  training.This provides extended job awareness and career "safety nets" - [introduced well before government introduced of national dance standards in 2011].

As Australia's first and pre-eminent RTO  specialising in dance education for young people, ADi understands dance training and career directions. We have worked exclusively with the dance industry, educators and government to develop standards of excellence for dance teachers and students. Our courses are recognised in all states and territories in Australia. They have been developed by dance teachers and managed by dance teachers to meet new legislative and regulatory controls as well as government requirements for qualifications in dance training and education.

ADi and other societies play a pivotal role educating private dance teachers, schools and associations in current National Dance Standards. ADi currently provides input as a reference group working with government to convey the needs of the small to medium dance industry providers. ADi has a particular mission to encourage and support dance training and education as professionally operated small businesses, particularly in remote and regional areas.

ADi Courses are based on continuous improvement. ADI's "Open Education" policy has gained a reputation for excellence amongst stakeholders in the dance industry particularly for its robust framework, easy to understand dance terminology and seamless integrated approach between vocational and tertiary education systems. The ADi system includes endorsement/mapping of syllabuses, professional development for students and teachers alike, and routine professional development of teachers, schools and assessors through professional workshops & seminars.

ADi is committed to developing the creative potential of teachers and students, to creating employment for teachers, dancers and assessors and to ensure that all funds remain in Australia to further develop excellence in dance education.

We are committed to leveraging the young student's passion for dance into careers beyond technique via a "safety-net" of potential pathways into arts administration, dance performance assessment, teaching, venue management, choreography etc. The safety-net is appreciated by parents of young students.