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Dance Societies

ADi recognises and supports the contribution made by dance societies over the past 90+ years in establishing proven and real standards for dancers via their network of teachers, examinations and assessors/examiners. This provenance has positioned Australian dancers amongst the most proficient and respected amongst their peers and audiences around the world.

ADi's "open learning" policy expressly welcomes all students and teachers of all dance societies. This ecumenical approach is supported by ADi not being a society or member based organisation.

Individual students of any dance society can apply directly to ADi for admission to any vocational course. Mapping /RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) of technical skills will be considered as individual competencies attained towards a vocational certificate.

ADi simply requires a short independant teacher/mentor report on student committment to the learning process throughout the student's studes, also covering confirmation of the society syllabus exams undertaken by the student.

[ADi will also Certify (auspice by third party agreement), specially selected regular schools  employ VET qualified trainers/assessors on a permanent validated basis. Third party arrangments require the third party to comply in all respects to RTO standards, and are subject to audit direclty by the regulator - in summary this should not be entered into without a clear prior knowlege of standards and compliance - non compliance puts both the third party at risk as well as the auspicing RTO - Not for every dance school!  For further details see "contact us" or phone +61 (02) 9440 9886]