ballet 3Council for Dance Education Co Ltd (CDE)

Relating to the new government dance qualifications (CUA 11 Live Performance Training Package) released in October 2011, ADi, with other founding dance societies and teaching institutions, worked with IBSA via a new industry advisory group - the Council for Dance Education Co Ltd (CDE). The council was formed initially in response to the government's request for industry to "get together" and provide better and more direct liason in advising on qualifications in both dance and teacher training.

At the core of any new industry standards is the degree of participation contributed by the various stakeholders. In terms of employability skills, there are very few professional dancers or teachers who do not trace the provenance of their skills to one or more of the existing dance societies.

ADi and CDE have urged government to recognise this project as a once in a generation opportunity to embrace the professional dance teaching methods used by dance societies, giving them the opportunity to enhance curricula and improve vocational job opportunities for young dancers and teachers. The optimum result will only be achieved through full engagement by both government and industry. ADi has been watching the outcomes with the interests of all dance teachers and their silent stakeholders, namely their students, at heart! Our strident call has been and remains:

<strong"Please take this once-in-a-generation opportunity to embrace needs of all stakeholders in dance teaching, whether in public or private training, whether in the city or in remote and regional Australia!"

ADi supports CDE in its policy of seeking representation at the highest levels on behalf of all students of dance. As an RTO it will also work to improve standards both via CDE as a contributor at the Industry Representative Committee IRC level and also via the government skills council, ISC - Price Waterhouse-Coopers - who manage and disseminate the new Live Performance and Entertainment  Training Package.

ADi and its affiliated dance societies in CDE will continue to work to obtain an outcome suitable for all students and teachers of dance, whether in private or public dance training, anywhere in Australia, particularly in rural and remote regions where contribution to the local cultural and economic fabric of the community is often taken for granted.

Current Members

  • Australian Dance Institute - ADi
  • Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing Ltd - CSTD
  • Australian Dance Vision - ADV
  • Movement & Dance Education Centre - MDEC

New Members sought on application. contact John Lancaster at ADi for further information.